Are you ready to discover the greatest treasure of the Canary Islands?

Amaro Pargo’s Treasure

A game to discover the hidden treasure in the City of San Cristóbal de La Laguna.


Playing this game is very easy.

Play with friends

Play with friends and family in person and 100% for free, without advertising and without any registration.

A game for all audiences.

Find the treasure

 However, it won’t be easy. Who said that  finding a treasure would be easy? But don’t worry, in case you need a little help, you can take a look at the  hints. Do you accept the challenge?


Let everyone enjoy this game. Share and challenge friends and colleagues to find the treasure.

How to play?

Very easy, you only need your Smartphone with an internet connection. It is very simple! You will have to solve the different puzzles to advance in the game and find the treasure. You can play alone or in a group, with family and / or friends.

Discover La Laguna in another way

A fun and unique way to discover the treasures that the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna hides.

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Find out what other players say

It was quite challenging game, I had a lot of fun resolving all the riddles!


I played this game with my friends and we enjoyed a lot!  I would recommend this game to anyone, especially those who enjoy a mystery story.


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Start your adventure!